jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

RL Avatar

She is my RL friend and her sl avatars name its Suseth Saenz, since last year she dint log into the game and she was so excited. I had the BIG IDEA TO TELL HER ABOUT THIS GAME so she became adicted as i am, (no i think she dint as much as i cause no one can) but as my parther of work we had some trouble at work and some times we figth about the pc cause this one its the better to play in SL. LOL i can remember how we cry about the pc to play on SL, OMG WE ALMOST GOT FIRED, LOL!

Now i dont recomend this game, its better just play with our RL AVATARS.

Thank you Suseth for give me the copyright to upload this video!.

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