lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010


OMG i am broke i have zero lindes, i send a im to a friend to ask for some lindes but i dint get lucky, so i remeber how i got lindes before. As always i had said SL its for have fun not for work in it or worst camp, so here its a easy way to buy lindes.

One way its buy lindes directy for your the official web page and log in you acount
But you have to be a membership for can buy, for example if you want 5 000 lindes it will cost you 19.54 us dlls and it will charge it to your credit card or debit card., remember that in this page you can too see other things like your transaction history, change your password on sl or change the email that you recibe your ims. here its the link.

2. Other way its buy lindes to friend, its name its Cheep Furse, i dont know if there are many people on SL are doing its kind of business but here its how he work, he send you his number of acount on severals Banks and you can deposit or make him a transascion and then like an a half of hour he send you the lindes to your avatar, of course he send you only a percent of the lindes cause he stays with the other percent, but its a easy way to get lindes if you dont have credit card like in my case ( maybe some day my husband trust on me again) You can trust on him 100% cause he is so profesional, unfurtilly he only send on Mexico.

3. And other way that i think its so expensive its buy lindes from your cell phone but its fast., i dont know exclatly how it works but i think its expensive.

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