jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

He is here! Romeo Romeo Romeo!


domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

Special Gift

Yes my avatar its 8 months pregnant as i am on RL, so thats why i am on shopping things for my new baby, nice!

domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012


Yes i gave a big bite to the apple and i make it there, so i prove to my self and all i can do anything in RL, so my husband went to Los Cabos BCS, to fishing and told me to take care of the cows, so the marketing was down so i sell it all, i am sure i made a good desicion, i hope my husband dont kill me, lol so this videos show you how i tame the bull on my WORLD, and i mean it! LOL

So fisrt i wake up so early to make it to  the ranch, i knew the  weather will be hot but its ok, we have to seperate the little cows from the old or male from female, so was not so easy, then we put it on a big trailer to take it to another ranch like 20 min away.

For that work i hired the BEST COWBOY IN TOWN his name its Sr. Sergio Lara,  i know him since 15 years ago, i was driving following the trailer with the cows, while i realized hows the world i told him i was in NYC last month and he even dont beleved me, lol and at this time i dont belive it too.

At that time was like 2:00 pm and the weather was so  so so hot, it was 118 fahrenheit, i was melting down and  they bring the beers, OMG i choose  bud ligth the beer really saved my life. The price of the cows was based on kilos so we had to weigh the cows one by one because the weight did not fit more than 2 it tooks us like 2 more hours was fine but a bee pick me and i am alergic damn it, it still hurts. So after all i had a good day doing men's job cause you can see i am a cowgirl.

It doesnt matter where you live or what you make for living, if you are in a small town or if you are in a big city  and you work an a office WHAT MATTERS ITS  ENJOY LIFE, BE PROUD OF YOUR WORK AND YOUR PLACE,  AND FIND THE FUN WAY AND RELAXED WAY TO MAKE A DAY GREAT AND LIVE HAPPY!

And its if not enough for life we have planes.

jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

NYC Love's Me.

This amaizing city really loves me! wooot!.
This amaizing city loves me as i did, i cant belive the beauty of the buildings, the perfect weather, i had a great experence on that place its incredible how we can travel in 1 day for so long. Even they set a special fireworks just to welcome me, lol. The people that lives there are so beatiful, the men are so blonde with blue eyes so handsome i even felt in love several times, lol, the girls there are so beautiful so skiny and tall, i wonder why there are so much single people there. Unfultunatily i cant say the same of how they are, they are so rude dont like the turism there and i think even that they are racism, its says that Arizona its the state of more rasism but i think its NY, all the people there think that are cooler than the all world but they live in a small burb of itself that dont allows to see the beauty of their city, the big building or the sea. But i didnt want leave the city with out feel me a trutly new yorker, so i get a good outfit, i got my hair like a citizen girl (all up),i nice sunglasses of course of brand like it has to be, a earphones to listen music, i walked faster i used to be in wall street, walking with out seeing the buildings like in a hurry, and of course at least and most important i wear a -BORED FACE- like if i dont care nothing or i am cooler that all, not to smile anyone or see it, so in that moment a men talked to me! OMG when i was like a girl of nyc a man talked to me and even gave me a orange, lol. In the same hotel where a indian couple that had the same plane back to Phonex cause they where going to Yuma Arizona to a casino that i almost every month pass by and i dont like, its a crazy worl they from nyc came to Az to vacations, lol. But like Katty Perry says: -you can travel the world but nothing comes close to the California Girls!-. The palms dont make California, its the charming our the people that shine by itself. Was wonderful but i cant spend much time with out a smile on my face so like Cesar said before i prefer be the 1st here than the 2nd on Rome, i came back to my beautiful Mexico, i love the trutly freedom of here, the laugth i make every time i want or the dust on my car. Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light Or just another lost angel...City of Night City of Night, City of Night, City of Night, woo, c'mon

miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

jueves, 28 de junio de 2012


This time its for true, unless my god dont let me i will be on the city of my dreams, since i was child i wanted to be on NEW YORK CITY, so i will be on independece day there, its the 2nd best day in the year to be there there is no cuestion about it, all my live i had lived on a small town that the father of my grandfhater was the first men on this place, so i am lucky, i have like 8 dogs, even i dont know the excact number of pets, lol we sleep with the dooor open, the school of my children its next street, i make 5 min to get to the office, 5 min to my moms house or walking 5 min to the store, no semaphores here, all the people that live on the citys wants to have a live like mine i know that, so thats the question, ?why i want to be on NYC SINCE I WAS A CHILD? maybe i never know it but i hope be amaizing for that wall of buildings and a lot of people, so start spread the news, i am leaving today...........