jueves, 28 de junio de 2012


This time its for true, unless my god dont let me i will be on the city of my dreams, since i was child i wanted to be on NEW YORK CITY, so i will be on independece day there, its the 2nd best day in the year to be there there is no cuestion about it, all my live i had lived on a small town that the father of my grandfhater was the first men on this place, so i am lucky, i have like 8 dogs, even i dont know the excact number of pets, lol we sleep with the dooor open, the school of my children its next street, i make 5 min to get to the office, 5 min to my moms house or walking 5 min to the store, no semaphores here, all the people that live on the citys wants to have a live like mine i know that, so thats the question, ?why i want to be on NYC SINCE I WAS A CHILD? maybe i never know it but i hope be amaizing for that wall of buildings and a lot of people, so start spread the news, i am leaving today...........

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