viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Second Life Sucks!!!

SL SUCKS, i had read this so many times in so many blogs, and i think they are right, after 3 years of playing this game i agree too, but as i had read on the blogs i see that they still came back again and again as i do, so why we came back to the game if we think it sucks?, its because we dont have another thing to do on RL much funnier, we dont have other hobbie or we dont have rl friends, or rl lovers. Yes we all do have that things on RL but we still come back, so this time i decided to have some RL ACTION, i came home and i chosse not to log in but i went to a wild ride JUST IN MY BACK YARD, i had a GREAT RL time, the weather was wonderful but i think i still be on my free time on SECOND LIFE,
no matter if it sucks I STILL LOVE IT!