lunes, 10 de agosto de 2009


OMG, I AM HAVING A BAD TIME FOR SL!, first my husband take down the service of 4 mb of broad band in the business for just 1 mb!!!, then my credit its so bad because i forgot to pay someting i bougth on sl on my credit card before cancel it (so the agency dont give me a new car) and my laptop its broken so i cant log in my house, so if you miss me on sl you know why i cant be on line, and if you want help me i will send you my bank acount, LOL

OH AND ONE MORE THING, this pc dont run sl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.d. i just saw blogs today!

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*Helix Rehula dijo...

ahy.. lo siento mucho..espero que todo vuelva a la normalidad pronto. abrazo.