martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

2 Lindes!!!

I WANT THAT GESTURE! it cost 35 lindes and i only have 33 lindens, i am broke but sl its made for enjoy it and no way i will camp cause i only work on rl, sl its for have fun and i am the best girl having FUN.!

Luck me, my dear friend its online and he saved my life, lol.

I am not a really fashonista girl and i spend i would like to say so much Real money on stuff on sl, i spend like 80.00 dlls per month and its so much!. I wonder how much the people spend on sl if they have sims and buy stuff all the time. maybe that people on rl dont spend time and money for theyself.

But if you want to save money i recomend this store for buy a gesture for 35 l and use it like a ao and its so great.
url: ao que quiero ( this lm my friend Suseth Saenz gave it to me)

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