domingo, 28 de junio de 2009


The way i found out about this game online was so weird, i was sleeping while my husband was watching the tv news and it came a special report about this game, i wake up and saw that report. After 2 months i remember that report while i was on work having a free time so i type "Second Life" i download it and start to play, witch for me was so difficult cause i had an a old pc and my English was pretty poor (worst that now!) so i was in the welcome area like 3 weeks!, lol. Then i cont know how i take off my clothes and i was in shock cause i didn't know how to put it back and was embarrassed, with the time i learn fast how to be onworld and soon i became so addicted to the game.

I always stood on sims that the language was on English so i had to learn it fast, i always had my dictionary over my desk and after 1 year i found out there was sims on Spanish too, so was easer for me, i think this is why i type my blog on English, maybe because i was born on sl in a English language.

Then the addiction was above all the levels i even had trouble on my house cause i love to be inworld only and i don't had time to do my work on RL, i even lost so much weith cause i even dont want to waste my time eating, so now i am glad i can control my addiction to SL.

And i remember when i learn the simple things to do on SL like put another skin on my avatar or wear a hair, all the time i was flying a comon thing that all the newbie does. I am now 2 years old now on SL and in that time i had learned so many RL and SL things i myself i become more open to the people i see on the street and some times i want to open they profile but then i remember i am on RL.

So, after all 2 years on SL i think i will stay in SL as long linden labs keeps SL ONLINE so i gave they congratulations for they 6 years online and thanks for all the good things that h appends to us while we are online.


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