viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

La Kajira!

“What is the duty of a slave girl,” I inquired. “Absolute obedience,” she said, frightened. “What are you?” I inquired. “A slave girl,” she said. “What is your duty?” I asked. “Absolute obedience,” she cried out. Hunters of Gor - Page 258

Inside of SL its posible to play RP about Gor, and its amaizing all the knogdelget that ints necesary for this RP, there are about 26 novels about Gor, writted by Jhon Norman in the 60's, i only had read it one and its fantastic how the writter describes the beauty and sensuality of the woman beeing Kajira, i think thas why i loved be a Kajira because i felt so sexy and sensual and wake up my womanhood in a way i had never felt.

In SL there are so many sims about Gor and each one has they rules but they are preatty much like all the others ones. Here its a note card from one of they: ***Roleplay means, that you slip into a role, that is not your own person but play this role in the game.*** You have many opportunities to realize yourself. It will help you to visit gorean sims as an observer first and see the different roles played by others. But the most important thing is: read a lot about Gor! Choose the role, which you like most! Summary: 1. Choose your role seriously and lived it up with a character and a background 2. Play your role convincing and with heart! 3. Your role should be oriented at the books/Luther Scrolls 4. Don't use informations that you havent received in character (in your role) 5. Don't change you role so often, except it happens during roleplay! I wish you good luck to find your place in Gor!

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