domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009

The Key

You must touch the orbs in sequence to gain the key. First the colour of envy, then the colour of the alchemists flame. Lastly you must touch the colour of the gem given by the fountain of the Trilogy Maze. If you are wrong..........beware.....

A romantic sim just to explore and find out if the Queen make true her wish, the textures of the castle are lovely as the imagination of the designers of the sim as well, dont miss this experiencie of a fairy tale.

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MAR FENUA dijo...


Porque no me habias invitado a tu blog ah?????

Esatre visitandote seguido, muchos saluditoss!1

Robert Hooker dijo...

I listened to you radio for hours today

Helix*Rehula dijo...

=)) hey ..
que bueno que ya retomaste el blog..
deja lo linkeo al mio.