sábado, 2 de mayo de 2009

A Queen's Desire.

A thousands years ago, the Queen of Delestra, the mightiest kingdom of all of the seven worlds, fell in love with a wild and fierce panther-ranger, whose name was known in many places, but spoken by few. She wanted him for his skill, and power, and desired to own him, for her alone and to keep him for all time.

The panther however was clever and elusive and always managed to slip away from all the scouts, soldiers and even infamous bountyhunters she sent for him. He did not want to be captured and imprisoned, even if his prison would be a castle. But most important, he loved a beautiful and wise elven princess, ruling from the ancient white castle.

With every day the queen of the ever-dark kingdom spent without having the panther she desired, her eagerness to capture him grew, and rather than lone men, she began to send out groups of troops, and consulted her knowledgeable alchemists as to how she could trap him.

She knew the panther bore his Golden Sword, a gift from the elves of the Enscharys Woodland, and with this he was very powerful.

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