lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010


The time pass by so fast and even faster on SL i still rembember when i got the invitacion for the 2 year old of my friend Mar Fenua, then i got lucky and i got a plane as an invitacion for her 3 rd year old party, and again this time i had the honor to recibe the invitacion of the Divas for her 4th BD pary!.

The espectacular event was this last sartuday in a fashon runaway and was so Great as we all can expect for Mar Fenua, as she says: -Love me or hate me, but never bettewen-.

Also her friend Sofia Corleone had his 4th BD and she had a special event showing all the Spectaculars Growns of Wedding, so amaizing that i want be a bride.

Next here the details.....


Mar congratulations!

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